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UL certification for ZMPT101K current-type voltage transformer

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ZMPT101K is 2ma/2ma current-type voltage transformer, this product complies for UL certification, UL file no.: E365876

ZMPT101K current type voltage transformer is actually a current transformer with ratio 1:1. For application, the line voltage should not be directly put on to the transformer, it needs to connect a limiting resistor R’ in series with the transformer to transfer the voltage signal to mA current signal (recommended 2mA/2mA application).

For example: The measured voltage is 380Vac, then the R’ should be 190K ohms to limit the primary current of ZMPT101K to 2mA.

The secondary mA current output can be transferred to voltage signal by an operational amplifier I/V conversion circuit . The advantage of this application is almost zero load state of ZMPT101K, with high accuracy and good linearity.

Application  2: directly connect a sampling resistor in parallel with ZMPT101K secondary output to get the voltage signal. The maximum value of sampling resistor is 500 ohms for ZMPT101K, please note for application to avoid the saturation of transformer and the distortion of output wave.



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